How to Soundproof a Window 2021

There are other things you may not have considered, like cutting channels for power lines and air conditioning ducts. There are spaces around these pipes, spaces around your windows, door frames, air conditioning vents, etc. You want to identify these spots and fill them with foam stamps. You don’t have to worry too much about the quality of the foam being used, but to make sure no sound gets in or out, you might consider filling any additional spaces you can with insulation before you go. Because if there’s “acoustic foam” in there, everything sucks.

Why Soundproof Windows?

Windows are one of the main sources of natural light inside the house. In other words, you can say a window is the heart of a room. For someone who likes natural light in his home, having windows is a must to ensure his comfort.
If you see in the wall, the window part is the thinnest one. So obviously this part is most likely to send out the noise of the inner environment and vice versa. So such noises can surely disturb the people of the house if the window is not soundproof.
When you figure out the source of the noise, a particular window can be the answer to it. After finding out the exposure of your window to create a noisy environment, you should start working on soundproofing it.
After doing this job you can expect to have a calm environment inside your house.

How to Soundproof a Window of Your House

There are different ways of soundproofing windows. You can choose a way that seems appropriate according to your circumstances. Here I will try to show you the ways that would cost you little or no money. So, try to choose the best way that is going to serve your purpose well.

Not having any gap around the window

When you try to look closely you might find some gaps around the window. Especially to the places where there is a connection with the wall.
The sound may come from such gaps. It may create a significant disturbance in the inner environment of your house. There are so many ways of getting rid of such gaps that you can surely consider. You can use Acoustic Caulk or weather stripping tape to seal the gap.
You can pick the material that you think matches your window and the wall.

Best Window Sealants

Sikaflex Self-Leveling Sealant

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1/4″ Window Kerf Bulb Weatherstrip Mount Slot Seal

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Trim-Lok EPDM Dense Rubber Window Locking Gasket

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Blocking the entire window

You can entirely block double pane of yopur window. This will let you block all those unwanted sounds from the outside.
But there are certain things that you must be sure of before blocking the window completely.
This is a very easy process to do. Yet, once you block your window there will be little or no light that will get into your room. Are you ready to compromise with that?
If not, then this is going to be a hard deal for you.
So to let the light enter into your house and blocking the sound at the same time you have to go for a different approach. There are quite a few DIY ways. The main idea is to block the gap of the window. You can use insulation panels to block the window. This is pretty easy to do and cheap. This is an effective way of blocking the noise. Though not so much appealing to look at. But you can consider having a fiberglass soundproof blanket to cover your window to get better soundproofing. For this, you might need to spend a little bit more money.


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Choose Soundproof Curtain

In all the attempts of soundproofing a window, you can think about having soundproofing curtains. Having such curtains doesn’t ensure a 100% effective solution but it certainly works by lessening it.
On the other hand, you will certainly need curtains for your windows. So, why not buy the ones that certainly try to lessen the noise from the outside?
These soundproof curtains make your home even more appealing and it hides away the inside home environment from the outside. Thus it ensures the privacy of the house.
Moreover, it has a huge role in lessening the echo of a certain room. The materials of the curtain soak up the sound of the room and thus it helps to make the room even quieter.
It also hides away the foam that you might have used in your window. Try to maintain the appropriate length of your curtains according to the window. Doing so, you can expect to get an even better result.

Sideli Solid Rod Pocket Matt Heavy Velvet Curtain Drape Panel Blackout

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NICETOWN 3 Pass Microfiber Noise Reducing Thermal Insulated Solid Ring Top Blackout Window Curtains/Drapes

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Moondream Sound Insulation Curtain, 3-in-1 Noise-Blackout-Thermal Insulation

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Rearrange the Furniture

We all know that sounds travel through the air. It keeps moving this way until it gets a surface. In this stage, either that sound passes through the surface or bounce off. In the process, each time it gets a block like this, it loses some of its energy and eventually dies.
Lessen the sound that comes from the outside from your window is to have more of such obstacles. To do so, you can add more furniture to your home or rearrange the existing ones. You can add a surface that is soft and uneven. Such a surface can absorb unwanted sound.
These natural methods will not cost you anything. But it can to some extent solve the noise problem that you are facing from your window.
So, why shouldn’t you give it a try?

Pick Thick Material Blinds or Shades

This is just another way of soundproofing your window. Though it will not soundproof the atmosphere fully, you can try it out to lessen the sound.
Choosing this type of option will be a very pleasant experience for you. It is not much pricey and the installation process is pretty quick and easy. So, you won’t be facing any hassles for this.
It will surprisingly reduce the noise from the outside atmosphere. It will work best when you install it to your window along with another method of blocking the noise from the outside atmosphere.
Moreover, after installing the Windows shades, you get the opportunity to control the light of the home. Having such shades to your home will ensure the privacy and peace inside your home.
While choosing the material blinds or shades you have to make sure they are enough thick. Normally they are thicker comparing to the other regular shades. Also try to see, if they have the unique honeycomb combination. Having such a feature it absorbs even more noise and reduces the wave of the sound.

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Making A Window Plug

If you are a DIY lover then this one is for you!
This is a complete DIY project that can be done by you entirely. You can build a soundproof window plug for the windows of your house pretty easily, a low budget and temporary solution. Be wary that will not let you mess with the window for a while. So before going for a permanent solution you can surely try this out. This affordable way of blocking sound from your window works well.
To make a window plug all you need to plug them in an opening of a window when you need to reduce or block the sound from the outside. After meeting your purpose you can decide to simply remove them. This is a very worthy method with almost no cost.
Through this method, you can control the noise that comes through your window inside your house.
This project is a DIY project so all you need is you as manpower. It is a great window soundproof solution without making you spend a good amount of money.

Get Soundproofing Kit

Well, this is an easy approach to solve the noise problem coming from your window.
You can just simply buy the soundproofing window kit that is commonly available around the market. This kit is specially designed to serve this particular purpose. It comes with a compact package. That means all the necessary parts needed are readily available with it.
Through using all these tools you can build your version of the soundproof window for your home. To do so, all you need is just a screwdriver.
There are some aspects that you must keep in mind while using this soundproofing window kit. Like,
It takes significant time and effort from you to install.
You get to keep the light coming to your home through this.
You can remove it for cleaning purposes.
It is a bit costly comparatively.
It is more prudent to use it as an alternative option.
So, it is quite clear that the soundproofing kit comes with some pros and cons. So, it is you who will decide if it will serve your purpose or not.

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Add an Extra Layer of Glass

Okay, this is just another DIY project that you can try for sure. But, this is not going to be an easy one.
Theoretically, the process is really simple but doing it takes some real effort. To minimize the noise that comes from the outside of your house you can choose to attach a piece of acrylic or glass. You can do it over the inside of your window.
This method is an effective one in terms of all DIY projects of soundproofing all the windows of your house.
While doing so, you will have to make sure that the new layer of glass hugs the window glass very tightly. To achieve such a state, you might have to install a metal frame on your window. Then you will have to use some sort of special magnets this will hold the glass sheet with the frame.

Having Soundproof Blanket for noise cancelling

Another thing that you can try is using the soundproof blanket. Such a blanket works just fine while reducing the outside noise. This works a lot like the curtains around the windows. And, just like the window, it cannot stop the noise leakage completely.
Are you anyhow wondering, how can a blanket soundproof a window from outside noise?
Let me explain that to you.
Blankets are made of materials that are so dense that while moving to another house people wrap materials with it for protection. It saves things from damages on the road.
This dense material of a blanket works as an excellent tool to lessen sound. These materials absorb the sound very well. That is why people consider it as a soundproofing system.
So you can pick the best blanket to serve your purpose. Then you can hang this blanket over the window that invites the noise. For doing so, you might need a curtain rod above the window or you can take the support of hooks.
You can choose the installation process that goes better with your windows. Spending a little bit more money on the blanket will make sure that you get the best result in terms of soundproofing.
After the installation process is complete you will be able to differentiate the outcome.