How To Soundproof a Home Office 2021

How to Soundproof Home Office Door

When you start researching, how to soundproof a home office, you will notice the maximum amount of white noise in your home is going to come from the door. Mostly, the interior doors have a hollow core and do not have a tight seal. Even though this makes them cost-effective, it allows the noise to vibrate right through the doors. You can thicken up your existing door with the help of acoustic foam, MLV, or fabric. You can add a layer of fiberboard on both sides of the door. You can remove the current door and install a sliding door that has a solid core. If you don’t want to replace your existing door, then you can seal the door with the help of an acoustic viscoelastic compound that would fill any square foot of open space or small gaps that are present between the door and the adjoining wall. You can also use foam insulation for the gaps.

The door sweep needs to be installed along the door’s bottom edge. Similar to the installation of weather stripping, all you have to do is measure the door sweep, cut it, and then apply it in place. Make sure that the door sweep covers the threshold when you close the door but doesn’t scrape the floor as you open the door.

Here are the three best soundproof door sweeps we can recommend:

Ohuhu Door Draft Stopper Door Sweep

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Most of the doors used in the interior of the house are usually empty. This allows sound to pass through them very easily. The door to your home office is therefore a major medium through which the word goes. You should consider soundproofing your door to reduce noise. Soundproofing your home office door can be quite difficult. There are several ways to do this. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. If you’re working on a tight budget, a sound absorber in favor of weatherstripping will work for you. Just buy it and put it in your traffic jam. Weatherstripping comes with an adhesive, so it takes a few minutes to apply.

Weatherstripping is primarily designed to prevent rain and water in a room. These are usually strips made of fiberglass material that is glued together. However, the new models of weatherstripping have been made soundproof. Since weatherstripping is made of fiberglass, it can also act as a sound absorbing material.

The pull plug will slide to the bottom of the mat to provide sound isolation. Like weatherstripping, windbreaks were originally designed for lifting against heat loss. However, nowadays tension plugs are made from sound absorbing materials. They reduce the intensity, dampen the sound to go through them.

How to Soundproof Home Office Windows

It is not about being noise sensitive. If you keep hearing sounds from various sources, it is going to stress you out. When you are working, you can’t afford to be annoyed and stressed. The second thing that allows noise to penetrate a room is windows. If you are going to build a new home office, then you should install windows that have sound insulation window film. Noise blocking windows are usually energy-efficient and reduce cooling and heating costs, which is another advantage.

You have to use the same sealing procedure as you did for the door. Apply the viscoelastic compound, followed by foam insulation into the window film. Once you are done, you can reinstall the molding. You also need to apply weather stripping on the windows making sure there are no cracks. Once you have applied the weather stripping, you may have difficulty in closing the window. However, that is a sign that you have successfully soundproofed your window!

Here are the 3 best soundproof window curtains we can recommend:

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains

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DWCN Blackout Curtains

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RYB HOME Soundproof Divider 100% Blackout Curtains

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How to Soundproof Home Office Walls

If you are building a new office, you should use staggered studs or double studs, along with resilient channels and sound clips that will reduce the noise being transferred from one side of the wall to the other side. There are several options available when it comes to wall insulation. If there is any space between two interior walls, you need to fill it with insulation to reduce noise into white noise.

If you are thinking of soundproofing existing walls, then you should remove the drywall between the two walls and add insulation material between them. Moreover, you need to look for crevices, cracks, holes, etc. on the wall. You can either repair them, or you can add an acoustic compound. You can also add the acoustic viscoelastic compound to the seams between the drywall. Drywall, on its own, also works a good sound barrier. All you have to do is add more protection and insulation.

Another option that you can consider is gluing a thin layer of acoustic board to the existing drywall. You can buy the acoustic board in the form of tiles and then install it in particular places or all over the drywall, as the need might be.
Moreover, you can also add plywood, particleboard, or OSB, to your existing wall. However, these options may damage your existing wall as they are heavy.

Here are the 3 best soundproof acoustic wall panels we can recommend:

IZO Soundproofing Foam Acoustic Panel

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DEKIRU Acoustic Panels

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Rhino Acoustic Panels NRC Sound Proof Padding

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How to Soundproof Home Office Floors

The next thing you have to consider is your floors. Carpeting is a great option for soundproofing your floors. You can install new carpets, or you can soundproof existing ones. You can add acoustic tiles and carpet padding to your existing carpets. You will have to pull back your existing carpet and remove the current padding and tack strips. After this, you will have to lay the acoustic tiles loosely, and place the new foam on the top of the tiles. Place tack strips, and re-stretch your carpet over the whole system.

Here are the 3 best soundproof carpets and rugs we can recommend:

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[aawp link=”B07GDPWMC9″ title=”Gorilla Grip Original Luxury Chenille Bathroom Rug Mat”]

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How to Soundproof Home Office Air Vents

Air vents are another place where white noise can enter. You can soundproof your home office all you want, installing solid core doors, thick, carpets, acoustic foam, etc. but if you don’t soundproof the air vent, it will all be in vain because of background noise.There are two ways you can soundproof your air vent. You can block it entirely, or you can make a sound maze.

If you remove the air vent and fill the hole, you are going to remove noise effectively. However, without ventilation, your room is going to get extremely hot in the summer. You need air vents to keep the temperature of your room normal. Therefore, the second option, that of creating a sound maze, is a better one. It will take a little more time and work, but you will get a soundproof room with nice ventilation. You can also add vent covers to reduce noise.

All you have to do is create a small maze within the vent space. You can make the maze using wood strips, and attach the acoustic foam to the strips. The sound will have to travel through this maze, and by the time it reaches the room, it will be significantly reduced into white noise.
You need to reduce the structural sounds. If your home office is directly above your garage, you are going to face noise issues. There is only one way to reduce structural sounds is to use isolation techniques. You have to separate the layers of the wall to ensure that noise doesn’t pass from one layer to the other. You can add another layer of drywall to do this.

Here are the 3 best soundproof vent covers we can recommend:

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How to Soundproof Home Office Ceiling

You also need to soundproof home office ceiling. You can put acoustic foam in your dropped ceiling, and it will reduce some of the noise. If you are soundproofing your existing ceiling, then all you can do is add soundproof insulation. If you are building a new home office, then you should build your roof in layers to prevent structural noises.

This may be the case with acoustic panels installed on the floor, but it will take a long time. If the sound is coming from upstairs in your home office, this is a great option. Attaching the driveway to your ceiling soundproofing is involved. Make a frame and attach it to the ceiling. You can then attach an extra layer of drywall to the frame.

Drywall is also known as wall panel and is simply a panel used to make interior walls and ceilings. It is made with a number of materials that help to increase the acoustic absorption properties of the panel as well as its fire resistance. When using ceilings and walls, the drywall can dramatically reduce the amount of noise transmitted to it.

You can also buy acoustic ceiling panels. Like shovel panels these are made of sound absorbing materials. For these, you can choose different colors, styles and designs. So you can get something that matches the existing decor. Since it involves a lot of work, you may decide to hire your workman for this.

Here are the 3 best soundproof acoustic panels for ceiling we can recommend:

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